Spray Paint!~

Började min första lektion i 'Spray Painting'.
Nedan kan ni se video av vad det är.

Today i started my first lesson in 'Spray Painting', absolutely love it.
annyways, for you who are scratching your heads wondering what it is, below you can see some videos of what it is.

Enjoy ^^

aaand, another one:

aaand a last one:

S: Jag är helt förälskat i detta, kan inte sluta titta på hur människor gör detta.
Det ser så lätt ut, men det är egentligen svårt....hur man ska skrynka pappret för o göra mönster, hur mycket av varje färg man ska spreja, allt det måste man tänka på.

Eng: Im absolutely loving this at the moment, cant stop watching how people do this.
It looks easy, but trust me, its not! How much of each colour are you going to spray, how your going to crumple the paper to get the pattern you want, all of this must be taken into consideration!

Vad tycker du?
What do you think??

Cant stop crying!!~

Såg nyss på en musik video från Big Bang, från 2008, och kan inte slua gråta.
Som om jag tittar på en tv-serie, ushhh, nu rinner maskaran =O
Samma sak händer när jag titta på Taeyang's Wedding Dress.

Just watched a mv by Big Bang, from 2008, and cant stop crying.
The story itself is pretty sad, as if im watching a drama.
Mybrother thinks ive gone crazy, as i cry to most musik videos with a sad ending.

Kanske det är bara jag, en jag tycker den är ganska sorglig :'(

Maybe its just me, but i think its pretty sad :'(

Vackra Foton!~

Jag gick in på min DeviantArt account, och hittade vackra bilder av en person, nämligen April182.
Här får ni ett smakprov av hennes Art.

I went on my DeviantArt account, and found some stuning photos and an amazing gallery by April182.
Here you get a taste of her Art:



Vackert, eller hur?
Beautiful, dont you think so?

Tryck HÄR föratt komma in på hennes sida.

Click HERE to come to her web-site.

Coolest Dancers Ever?~

So...my brother forced me to watch some video on youtube...
at first i thought 'what a waste of time', but after a couple of seconds i got pretty amazed!
Watch for yourselves!

Then he showed me this video:

But i must say,


So my cousin sent me a mail to Nelly.se where you design your own shoe, according to your fantasies, and get to win, something.....
annyways, please support me! Vote for me!

Min kusin skickade en mail till mig med länk till nelly.se vart du kan designa dina egna sko.
Snälla rösta för mig!

Mina designade sko på NELLY.COM

Hjälp mig att vinna, rösta på mina skor här!

CRAZY..but amazing!~

Just found some awesome photos on the net.
Take a look at the most amazing nail art ive ever seen xD

Amazing nail art 1

The Simpsons

Amazing nail art 2

Disney's Donald Duck

Amazing nail art 3

Sesame Street

Amazing nail art 4

Drink's Brands

Amazing nail art 5

Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Amazing nail art 6

Sweet Brands

Amazing nail art 7

MCA Football Club

Really creative, dont you think??


100 readers mark!~

Ive decided....
Once this blog reaches a 100 readers mark, ill post a picture of myself for you people to see what this blogger looks like ;)

Jag har bestämmt mig.
När statistiken visar att jag har 100 läsare, tänger jag lägga till en bild av mig själv på bloggen, sånn att ni läsare kan se vad er bloggerska ser ut som ;)

For Miss.Genie~

Got some juicy info for you Miss.Genie!!!

Here is a picture of ur Dear Hubby Taecyeon as a child ^^

Aaaaand also!!!
wait for it
wait for it
wait for it, BAM!

Fanous singer Rain had an interview at Inkigayo.
And this is what happened:

"After Rain’s introduction, Wooyoung asked Rain if there was a possibility that Taecyeon could become a beastly male like him, since he is the original.

Rain complimented Taecyeon by saying, “No one can rip a shirt the way Taecyeon does,” making the latter embarassed as he bowed with thanks"

Love him even more now or what Genie??


White Polkadots~

Gjorde mina naglar igen :)

Jag blev lite trött på 'sommar'-designen jag hade, så jag ändrade det till något mera simpelt ;)

Simpelt men fortfarande söt tycker jag ^^

Genie's Hubby~

This post is dedicated to my dear crazy friend....Miss.Genie

Full Name: Ok Taecyeon (옥택연)

Date of Birth: December 27, 1988 (1988-12-27) (age 21)

Position: Main Rapper in boy band 2PM


Listening to music, surfing and wakeboarding, skiing

  • Languages: Korean and English

  • Born in Seoul, South Korea.
    He lived in Bedford, Massachusetts for 7 years before auditioning to JYP Entertainment in New York City as a model, and with time entered the boy band 2PM.

    Miss.Genie got a biiiiiiiiiiig crush on him.

    ...Yes.....erm..annyways.... *cough cough*
    Naaaaaaaaah, teasing you honey ;)
    As you are his fan, he loves you too in a fan-celeb kind of way :)

    Here below you got a pic of 2PM.

    To be honest with you....i dont see anything special with him....he....his...he looks like an elephant....like his ears are just, like....STICKING OUT!!!
    ..In the picture above he got the hoodie to hold them back you see.....
    Personally i prefer Nichkun, the guy in the middle in the top row of the picture above. =D

    I know Genie will bug me bout this, apparently his bod is hot, so tht cancels the ears out.

    So here is a taste of his bod for you to judge:

    What do you think?
    I still think the blondie, in above video, Nichkhun is the best one ^^

    Ahhh, and here is Heartbeat by 2PM:
    Their music is amazing!

    Taecyeon is also a good actor, where he has played in the drama Cinderella's Sister.

    He is 185cm tall, so Genie, you may date his as your shorter than him...just dont grow anymore will you?
    ...and his nickname is apparently Beast.....
    now ill let the 'why beast' thinking over to you xD

    E.A. and Beautiful~

    I think that East Asian models look absolutely stunning.
    Whatever they may be wearing, they look amazing in it i think, just look below.


    Dont you think so too?

    Victoria's Secret~

    Was at the Duty Free today, and bought some small but absolutely amazing Victoria's Secret Products:

    Yumm Yumm Goodiessss!

    Hope Pink Rollerball Parfume

    Live Pink Rollerball Parfume

    Beauty Rush Wondermelon Lip Gloss-Limited Edition

    Hehe, Yesssss!
    I defenitly loooove Duty Free!!

    K.K. Love~

    Koda Kumi, 28, is a Japanese J-Pop singer.
    And very popular in the J-pop world!


    And i absolutely love her nails!


    Her debut song Taboo:

    She's really pretty though, right??

    Loser much?!~

    Watch this video:

    I really cant understand what this loser was trying to do.....


    Gaga or Narsha??~

    Narsha, from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls, just released her first album!

    Below you can see her Mv Bbi-ri-Bop-A:

    This Video is so artistic, and absolutely LOVE it!!!
    Especially the concept where they flash the screen and she poses differently, and also the mysterious/creepy and eerie feel you get from it, totally amazing.

    Many people claim she 'copies' Lady Gaga in this mv, personally i think she pulls of the Gaga look better than Gaga herself, hehe!

    Some say the guy in the mv should be changed with someone hotter to make the mv better, other say they should keep this guy because he has the 'ill kill you' kind of look on his face....
    what do you think?

    NARSHA (EP) by Narsha

    I think Her whole album is amazing!
    To download, click here.
    I can't wait until she does Live performances!

    Here is another Mv Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls:

    Narsha here is the first vocalist with the short black hair, shes so cute here, ^^

    Now im gonna go and do some ♪Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A ♪♪


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