•You know.....when you live in a country, and have that particular country's goodies, you get tired of them.
As soon as you leave that country, youll miss the goodies.

•When your in Sweden, you get tired of Läkerol, Kanelbullar, Knäcke bröd, potatis bullar, räk smörgåsar, GBG glass, Godis Kungens Lösgodis, etc. etc.....
but trust me, when you leave Sweden, youll do anything to get just a little taste of these stuff!

•Now, thanks to our dear IKEA we have some good swedish stuff around the world.....but no kanelbullar

•Also, i just sat in the garden, and then i see the stupid street cat climbing in one of the trees chasing one of the birds....not only that, but while chasing the bird, she broke the egg of the birds nest....
stupid cat....


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