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Cinderella's Sister
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Eun-Ju (Moon Geun-Young), who lost her father many years ago, finally gets a new family when her mother remarries. Although things seem to have turn better for the cynical Eun-Ju, she immediately faces problems when she meets her new step-sister Hyo-Seon (Seo Woo). Hyo-Seon with her bright character is the apple in her father's eyes and the clear favorite in the house. Furthermore, Eun-Ju's mother also seems to have fallen for the charismatic personality of Hyo-Seon. Making matters worse for Eun-Ju, Hyo-Seon seems to like Eun-Ju's prince Ki-Hoon (Cheon Jeong-Myeong). Eun-Ju decides then and there to take matters in her own hands and exact revenge on her Cinderella like stepsister... (

Det liknar Askungen lite grann tycker jag, men mina vänner säger att den är helt like Askungen....inte säker skälv.

Den är en riktig Drama. Altså, Drama med tårar kan man säga.
Väldigt sorglig.
Den är 20 episoder lång, han bara titta till episod 13.

Click Här om ni vill titta.

Boys Before Flowers~

One of the best East Asian dramas of all time is Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers).

The synponosis sounds stupid when you read it, but when you watch it you just fall in love.

Its about a girl, Makino, who comes from a poor family in Japan, but her parents wants the family to gain some status and therefore put her in the most elite school in all of Japan.
In this school, there are only students from dead rich families.
The richest of them all is Domyouji, who is the leader of a 4 member boys group who call themselves F4.
They are the richest boys in the school.
For fun, they bully other students, as in hitting them and abusing them in their own way.
When Makino's friend comes into trouble with them, she tries to save her, but instead comes into centre of attention herself and from that point on lives a life of a victim.
Can she stand up to the F4?

Now, this sypnosis is only valid for a couple of,....thats a lie, maybe the whole 1st season.
In the 2nd season we see more romance, and get more annoyed by the characters, because as in every drama: THEY ARE SOOO STUBBORN!!!!

The drama consist of 2 seasons and a final 2 hour movie. Ive seen this drama 3 times already, think ill watch it again this summer!!!

If you want to watch it, you have all the episodes hyperlinked below:
Season 1
Season 2
Final movie

But for some reason, many people say that the Korean version is much better...:

I havent had the chance to watch it its still ongoing, aka. not finished filming yet.
So ill wait until its finished.

F4 Bringing in the Ratings

For those of you that wants to watch it annyways, here you go:
Season 1


Har nyss laddat klart min drama (^w^)
Den heter 'Nobuto wo Produce', the makeover i engelsk översättning.
och ja, jag är en Japan-fanatic, hehe.

Ahhhhh, Horikita Maki (Min favorit kvinnliga skådis från Japan, hon e sååå vacker♥) and Kamenashi Kazuya (favorit Japansk sjungare) Är huvud charactärerna!! *Hoppar upp och ner med glädje*
ok ok ok ok ok, när jag är klar med detta inlägg ska jag gå och börja titta på den~♥♥♥
Skälvklart kommer jag skriva på min blogg om det är värdt o se eller ej =D

När jag redan är här, så kommer jag lägga Kamenashis musik video.
Han är med i en japansk kill band som heter Kat-Tun.

....ermm....hur bifogar man en video från youtube till min blogg??
Snälla hjälp!

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