For Miss.Genie~

Got some juicy info for you Miss.Genie!!!

Here is a picture of ur Dear Hubby Taecyeon as a child ^^

Aaaaand also!!!
wait for it
wait for it
wait for it, BAM!

Fanous singer Rain had an interview at Inkigayo.
And this is what happened:

"After Rain’s introduction, Wooyoung asked Rain if there was a possibility that Taecyeon could become a beastly male like him, since he is the original.

Rain complimented Taecyeon by saying, “No one can rip a shirt the way Taecyeon does,” making the latter embarassed as he bowed with thanks"

Love him even more now or what Genie??


Genie's Hubby~

This post is dedicated to my dear crazy friend....Miss.Genie

Full Name: Ok Taecyeon (옥택연)

Date of Birth: December 27, 1988 (1988-12-27) (age 21)

Position: Main Rapper in boy band 2PM


Listening to music, surfing and wakeboarding, skiing

  • Languages: Korean and English

  • Born in Seoul, South Korea.
    He lived in Bedford, Massachusetts for 7 years before auditioning to JYP Entertainment in New York City as a model, and with time entered the boy band 2PM.

    Miss.Genie got a biiiiiiiiiiig crush on him.

    ...Yes.....erm..annyways.... *cough cough*
    Naaaaaaaaah, teasing you honey ;)
    As you are his fan, he loves you too in a fan-celeb kind of way :)

    Here below you got a pic of 2PM.

    To be honest with you....i dont see anything special with him....he....his...he looks like an his ears are just, like....STICKING OUT!!!
    ..In the picture above he got the hoodie to hold them back you see.....
    Personally i prefer Nichkun, the guy in the middle in the top row of the picture above. =D

    I know Genie will bug me bout this, apparently his bod is hot, so tht cancels the ears out.

    So here is a taste of his bod for you to judge:

    What do you think?
    I still think the blondie, in above video, Nichkhun is the best one ^^

    Ahhh, and here is Heartbeat by 2PM:
    Their music is amazing!

    Taecyeon is also a good actor, where he has played in the drama Cinderella's Sister.

    He is 185cm tall, so Genie, you may date his as your shorter than him...just dont grow anymore will you?
    ...and his nickname is apparently Beast.....
    now ill let the 'why beast' thinking over to you xD

    100 Hairstyles~

    Here are the 100 hairstyles of G-dragon.... \(*^U^*)/

    pretty cool i think....
    blond or brunette?
    cant decide xD

    Mall Fashion~

    Just found some pictures of the (best) Girl Group (in history of K-pop): 2NE1, doing a CF for a shopping centre.
    Check 'em out:

    And here is the CF video:

    They are all soooooo pretty!
    My favorite is Dara, shes really beautiful ^^


    Is it the clothes or the Beauty~

    Moon Geun Young was featured in the magazine 'InStyle Korea', and she looked absolutely stunning!
    Look below:

    She just recently starred as the main character Cinderella's Sister, click here to watch.
    Ill make a post on the blog about this drama today for you guys to see.

    The last picture is absolutely stunning, she's so beautiful, right?


    .....they broke up??~

    Boohooooo  (TT_TT)

    The boy band you may know as TVXQ/Tohoshinki or DBSK have broken up.....
    i just remembered....
    this actually happened round 2-3 months ago, but i just say that Jenpoo have added their newest album, which is a box set of all the songs they have ever made.....

    what music shall i listen to noow??!?!
    I guess i still have Big Bang and the others....but this group was...special :'(

    tvxq Pictures, Images and Photos
    From Right to left: Micky, Yoochun, Hero (Jaejoong), Changmin and U-know

    Gosh, there has also been homo rumors such as 'Jaejoong and U-know' be honest i just think its fan-fantasy.

    Jaejoong just recently filmed in a drama 'Sunao ni Narenakute', which is a drama about 5 friends who meet through Twitter, and share their life problems with each other and slowly get complications with each other aswell.
    Not my type of drama, but it looked ok, i only watched till episode 2, hehe ^^

    If you want to download their album with alllllll their songs in it, click here.

    They are a Korean boy band, but in the past year or two they have been in Japan and produced Japanese songs.

    My favorite is Hero....
    dont know why.

    He had an interesting childhood.
    He was adopted at young age into a family, a family with one mum, one dad and 6 or 7 guys.
    That way, he learnt how to understand girls, how to cook, how to clean....basically do most things a guy wouldnt know how to do, because of that, people call him gay...
    but hes actually not gay...
    yeah, annyways.

    Which one is your favorite?

    Here are some of their music videos:
    This is their 'newest' song

    song: Last Angel, feat. Koda Kumi (she always has amazing nails :D )

    and another song, Wrong Number

    R.I.P. Tohoshinki :'(

    SNSD- Im your genie~

    Aka. Girls Generation, as some may know them as, is a K-pop girl group of 9 talented girls:
    SNSD new

    The girls are: Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (leader), Jessica, and Sunny

    After filming their commercial for Samsung's new phone Chocolate, they sold their costumes for around 100 000USD where the money went for charity.
    I guess calabrities find their own tricky ways of helping the world.

    Also here is a taste of their Gee Gee Gee video ;)
    VERY cute indeed, and as usual the reaction from the boys --->"HOT LEGS"
    yeah yeah:

    SNSD - Gee

    What do you think???

    Male Eyeliner!?~

    。Seriously, whenever i watch the guys in K-pop mv's, the only thing im thinking is....

    。Well, i just found a site where the blogger shows why, and after have seen it, i wont ask that question anymore, but encourage the guy sto wear eyeliner:

    G-Dragon and Yoo Seung Ho ------>"From boy to Man"

    T.O.P. and Lee Min Ho ------>"More Sexy"

    WheeSung and Kim Jeong Hoon  ------>“Stunning Transformation”

    Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jun Ki ------>“Stylish”



    。Personally, my fav out of these eyeliner guys is Jang Geun Suk (7th guy from up to bottom)

    Lee Joon♥~

    Ahhh, even though he has ripped his pants on stage 2 times in history, first time dancing to 'Push Push' by Ststar and 2nd time when doing some movement in a Tv-show at King Star....yeahhh.......annyways, still love him =D

    Also he starred in Kan MiYeon's new mv 'Crazy'.


    A member of the boy band MBLAQ, who is Rain's newest and first creation...amazing dancers aswell :D

    Here is their newest music video: Y

    He's mine!

    Hehe, joking, im not that crazy bout him ^^
    but he is my fav k-pop of them....he gets....3rd place ^^

    Mason Moon~

    This cutie is Mason Moon, the child of a Canadian father and a Korean Mother....if its not the opposite...
    and is an actor.
    Just watched the movie 'Baby and Me', in which Mason here is the main character along with Jang Geun-suk.
    The movie is so sweet. Its about a rebellous 16-17 year old high school student, who suddenly recieves a baby, a baby who apparently is his child.
    A VERY cute baby indeed!
    Id love to star in a movie with baby Mason, wouldnt you??

    To watch the movie, click here
    the movie is with english subtitle

    Baby and Me

    Adorable!! right?

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