Spray Paint!~

Började min första lektion i 'Spray Painting'.
Nedan kan ni se video av vad det är.

Today i started my first lesson in 'Spray Painting', absolutely love it.
annyways, for you who are scratching your heads wondering what it is, below you can see some videos of what it is.

Enjoy ^^

aaand, another one:

aaand a last one:

S: Jag är helt förälskat i detta, kan inte sluta titta på hur människor gör detta.
Det ser så lätt ut, men det är egentligen svårt....hur man ska skrynka pappret för o göra mönster, hur mycket av varje färg man ska spreja, allt det måste man tänka på.

Eng: Im absolutely loving this at the moment, cant stop watching how people do this.
It looks easy, but trust me, its not! How much of each colour are you going to spray, how your going to crumple the paper to get the pattern you want, all of this must be taken into consideration!

Vad tycker du?
What do you think??

Cant stop crying!!~

Såg nyss på en musik video från Big Bang, från 2008, och kan inte slua gråta.
Som om jag tittar på en tv-serie, ushhh, nu rinner maskaran =O
Samma sak händer när jag titta på Taeyang's Wedding Dress.

Just watched a mv by Big Bang, from 2008, and cant stop crying.
The story itself is pretty sad, as if im watching a drama.
Mybrother thinks ive gone crazy, as i cry to most musik videos with a sad ending.

Kanske det är bara jag, en jag tycker den är ganska sorglig :'(

Maybe its just me, but i think its pretty sad :'(

Vackra Foton!~

Jag gick in på min DeviantArt account, och hittade vackra bilder av en person, nämligen April182.
Här får ni ett smakprov av hennes Art.

I went on my DeviantArt account, and found some stuning photos and an amazing gallery by April182.
Here you get a taste of her Art:



Vackert, eller hur?
Beautiful, dont you think so?

Tryck HÄR föratt komma in på hennes sida.

Click HERE to come to her web-site.

Coolest Dancers Ever?~

So...my brother forced me to watch some video on youtube...
at first i thought 'what a waste of time', but after a couple of seconds i got pretty amazed!
Watch for yourselves!

Then he showed me this video:

But i must say,


So my cousin sent me a mail to Nelly.se where you design your own shoe, according to your fantasies, and get to win, something.....
annyways, please support me! Vote for me!

Min kusin skickade en mail till mig med länk till nelly.se vart du kan designa dina egna sko.
Snälla rösta för mig!

Mina designade sko på NELLY.COM

Hjälp mig att vinna, rösta på mina skor här!

CRAZY..but amazing!~

Just found some awesome photos on the net.
Take a look at the most amazing nail art ive ever seen xD

Amazing nail art 1

The Simpsons

Amazing nail art 2

Disney's Donald Duck

Amazing nail art 3

Sesame Street

Amazing nail art 4

Drink's Brands

Amazing nail art 5

Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Amazing nail art 6

Sweet Brands

Amazing nail art 7

MCA Football Club

Really creative, dont you think??


100 readers mark!~

Ive decided....
Once this blog reaches a 100 readers mark, ill post a picture of myself for you people to see what this blogger looks like ;)

Jag har bestämmt mig.
När statistiken visar att jag har 100 läsare, tänger jag lägga till en bild av mig själv på bloggen, sånn att ni läsare kan se vad er bloggerska ser ut som ;)

For Miss.Genie~

Got some juicy info for you Miss.Genie!!!

Here is a picture of ur Dear Hubby Taecyeon as a child ^^

Aaaaand also!!!
wait for it
wait for it
wait for it, BAM!

Fanous singer Rain had an interview at Inkigayo.
And this is what happened:

"After Rain’s introduction, Wooyoung asked Rain if there was a possibility that Taecyeon could become a beastly male like him, since he is the original.

Rain complimented Taecyeon by saying, “No one can rip a shirt the way Taecyeon does,” making the latter embarassed as he bowed with thanks"

Love him even more now or what Genie??


White Polkadots~

Gjorde mina naglar igen :)

Jag blev lite trött på 'sommar'-designen jag hade, så jag ändrade det till något mera simpelt ;)

Simpelt men fortfarande söt tycker jag ^^

Genie's Hubby~

This post is dedicated to my dear crazy friend....Miss.Genie

Full Name: Ok Taecyeon (옥택연)

Date of Birth: December 27, 1988 (1988-12-27) (age 21)

Position: Main Rapper in boy band 2PM


Listening to music, surfing and wakeboarding, skiing

  • Languages: Korean and English

  • Born in Seoul, South Korea.
    He lived in Bedford, Massachusetts for 7 years before auditioning to JYP Entertainment in New York City as a model, and with time entered the boy band 2PM.

    Miss.Genie got a biiiiiiiiiiig crush on him.

    ...Yes.....erm..annyways.... *cough cough*
    Naaaaaaaaah, teasing you honey ;)
    As you are his fan, he loves you too in a fan-celeb kind of way :)

    Here below you got a pic of 2PM.

    To be honest with you....i dont see anything special with him....he....his...he looks like an elephant....like his ears are just, like....STICKING OUT!!!
    ..In the picture above he got the hoodie to hold them back you see.....
    Personally i prefer Nichkun, the guy in the middle in the top row of the picture above. =D

    I know Genie will bug me bout this, apparently his bod is hot, so tht cancels the ears out.

    So here is a taste of his bod for you to judge:

    What do you think?
    I still think the blondie, in above video, Nichkhun is the best one ^^

    Ahhh, and here is Heartbeat by 2PM:
    Their music is amazing!

    Taecyeon is also a good actor, where he has played in the drama Cinderella's Sister.

    He is 185cm tall, so Genie, you may date his as your shorter than him...just dont grow anymore will you?
    ...and his nickname is apparently Beast.....
    now ill let the 'why beast' thinking over to you xD

    E.A. and Beautiful~

    I think that East Asian models look absolutely stunning.
    Whatever they may be wearing, they look amazing in it i think, just look below.


    Dont you think so too?

    Victoria's Secret~

    Was at the Duty Free today, and bought some small but absolutely amazing Victoria's Secret Products:

    Yumm Yumm Goodiessss!

    Hope Pink Rollerball Parfume

    Live Pink Rollerball Parfume

    Beauty Rush Wondermelon Lip Gloss-Limited Edition

    Hehe, Yesssss!
    I defenitly loooove Duty Free!!

    K.K. Love~

    Koda Kumi, 28, is a Japanese J-Pop singer.
    And very popular in the J-pop world!


    And i absolutely love her nails!


    Her debut song Taboo:

    She's really pretty though, right??

    Loser much?!~

    Watch this video:

    I really cant understand what this loser was trying to do.....


    Gaga or Narsha??~

    Narsha, from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls, just released her first album!

    Below you can see her Mv Bbi-ri-Bop-A:

    This Video is so artistic, and absolutely LOVE it!!!
    Especially the concept where they flash the screen and she poses differently, and also the mysterious/creepy and eerie feel you get from it, totally amazing.

    Many people claim she 'copies' Lady Gaga in this mv, personally i think she pulls of the Gaga look better than Gaga herself, hehe!

    Some say the guy in the mv should be changed with someone hotter to make the mv better, other say they should keep this guy because he has the 'ill kill you' kind of look on his face....
    what do you think?

    NARSHA (EP) by Narsha

    I think Her whole album is amazing!
    To download, click here.
    I can't wait until she does Live performances!

    Here is another Mv Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls:

    Narsha here is the first vocalist with the short black hair, shes so cute here, ^^

    Now im gonna go and do some ♪Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A ♪♪

    L and M~

    Yesterday night was the first time in my life that i tried to eat Lobster and Mussels!!

    Hehe, sorry for the bad pictures!

    I didnt take my camera with me, so i had to use my phone (^^)


    Tyskland eller Spanien~

    En läsare frågade mig nyss om jag tror att Spanien ska vinna ikväll.

    Svaret är Nej.
    Jag tror att Tyskland vinner ikväll.
    Men vå får väl se  vad som händer.

    Om inte tyskland vinner, så tror jag definitivt att Holland vinner årets VM!

    100 Hairstyles~

    Here are the 100 hairstyles of G-dragon.... \(*^U^*)/

    pretty cool i think....
    blond or brunette?
    cant decide xD

    Green-Blue Summer~

    Did my nails again =D
    Summer theme!
    But im not very happy with it....


    a tree that doesnt look like a tree...hmmpppfff

    Have a great summer everyone!!!

    Fat and Famous!~

    You see, i love Super Junior for one reason!
    One of their members is acutally FAT, and ive NEVER seen a celebrity from East Asia that is FAT!

    And that guy still dares to go up on scene and do his thing, not minding his group mates skinny-ness!

    I wish i was that brave :')

    you can see him on the far right, here is their new song No Other:

    Rich and Fantastic?~

    Just found some pictures of a Rich Japanese family's wedding cermony....
    Check it out:

    Here is the Grooms house

    and the cars

    The brides house

    The Bride herself

    the wedding ring

    The Bride and her family with the Groom

    The dining hall

    And the wedding parade

    Fantasy like, ne?

    I My Me Mine~

    4Minute finally releases their mv for their 'I My Me Mine'!
    You can view it below:







    2NE1 must be my favorite girl group of all time, seriously!
    Their style, singing and everything about them is amazing i think!

    2NE1- Fire

    Big Bang and 2NE1 doing a CF for (i think samsung) lollipop phone:

    Follow me:

    Mall Fashion~

    Just found some pictures of the (best) Girl Group (in history of K-pop): 2NE1, doing a CF for a shopping centre.
    Check 'em out:

    And here is the CF video:

    They are all soooooo pretty!
    My favorite is Dara, shes really beautiful ^^


    Things that are different in Sweden~

  • Be careful. The next door in the uppgång (walk-up) is the backdoor of the last guy who is still not interested.
  • Beer in pop machines.
  • If you guzzle a glass of water on hot day, you are being rude and demanding more NOW!
  • They have an island called "Island land" (Öland).
  • Dog Toilets.
  • Fireworks at christmas, easter and just about every occasion (at least when there's darkness).
  • Traffic lights click or beep so blind pedestrians can tell whether the light is red or green.
  • You can take off the showerhead and rinse the conditioner in 30 seconds instead of five minutes. Also you can wash your hair without washing your body if you're in a hurry.
  • If you're not careful, you will still be knocking on doors in summer at 11:00 pm...and the sun is still out.
  • You turn on bike headlights in the winter at 3:00 pm.
  • Old Swedes go on walks with cats and rodents and use a leash to drag the helpless animal behind.
  • A can of Coke costs USD 2.00 (SEK 15) at a cafe.
  • Everybody has super deluxe baby carriages with heavy duty wheels.
  • No matter how little snow there is, everyone uses studded tires all winter.
  • No salad is complete without grated carrots.
  • Swedish kids learn to cook in elementary school.
  • Girls dress up as witches for Easter and boys dress up as hobos.
  • Kids sell Bingo/Lotto tickets at the grocery store for fund raising projects.
  • What you think is a Ku Klux Klan rally in December is really a Santa Lucia procession.
  • All furniture made of light beechwood or pine.
  • Unedited R-rated movies on regular (non-cable) TV.
  • Windows with Venetian blinds in-between two panes of glass.
  • You can camp, hunt, & pick berries on private property.
  • You attach your phone cord to the wall with something that looks like a 220-V plug.
  • Everybody owns a cellular phone.
  • Red boxes around town you put your used batteries in.
  • Everyone takes the rainiest month off in summer for vacation.
  • Front doors on the back of houses shaped like barns.
  • They claim that wall-to-wall carpeting is why americans get sick, but almost everyone in Sweden has a cold.
  • Americans like fluffy towels, while Swedes like to smash them in a mangler.
  • Pear ice cream.
  • Popular pizza toppings include bananas and curry, or artichoke hearts and roast beef.
  • "Swedish pizza" to missionaries means "thin, flimsy crust made by a middle-eastern person".
  • If you're patriotic, you're probably a racist.
  • Köttfärs is not hamburger as we know it.
  • You can practically step outside your back door and be in a forest, and pick berries that are in season.
  • You've got to squeegee the whole bathroom floor after taking a shower.
  • Cab drivers drive Mercedes Benz.
  • It takes a crew of six Swedes a week to rip up a cobblestone sidewalk, scrape the dirt off the back, and put it back in. (Not counting bad weather, holidays, fikas.)
  • Cops drive Volvos and Saabs.
  • Half naked women answer the door.
  • Swedes don't know what a 'date' is. They always go to dances and parties in a group.
  • The amount of daylight you get at different times of year, light in the summer, dark in the winter.
  • You don't have to lock your bicycle to a lamp post. Just lock the wheel so it doesn't turn, and nobody will take it.
  • You can't buy greeting cards, aspirin, deli sandwiches, develop film, rent videos or bank at the grocery store, but you have to do all that at separate stores.
  • When you order spaghetti, don't forget to ask for sauce and meatballs, or all you'll get is the noodles.
  • Pear-flavored and blood-orange-flavored pop.
  • While Snapple claims to be made from the best stuff on earth, Bob saft is the best stuff on earth.
  • Pregnant women bicycle.
  • More store owners honor the Sabbath day.
  • Plastic grocery bags made to last more than five minutes.
  • You can't tell by looking at what kind of handle a door has whether you should push or pull.
  • "Valentine's Day" decorations at Christmas time
  • Illuminated red buttons to turn the hallway lights on for two minutes.
  • Root beer is not popular. The natives think it tastes like toothpaste.
  • Corn on the cob is not for human consumption.
  • Chocolate soda pop.
  • You can ride a bicycle without getting killed.
  • "Kaviar" (actually smoked cod roe) is a snack food in toothpaste tubes.
  • If an elevator is on the third floor and you are on the first and want to go up, you have to tell the elevator to come down.
  • Elevators with no doors on the cab, just the stationary ones at each floor. You could touch the wall moving past as the elevator moves.
  • Continuously running elevators that you jump on and off of like a ski lift (paternoster?).
  • Licorice can be salty. You'll burn your mouth if you're not careful.
  • Rotten fish in a bulging can is a delicacy (surströmming).
  • Riding a bicycles on a cobblestone street.
  • Shaving not as popular with girls.
  • Rose hip tea (nypon soppa).
  • "Hockey" with curved clubs and a very small ball (bandy).
  • Traffic lights turn yellow on both stop and go.
  • Doorknobs on toilets and toilet handles on doors.
  • Asking for "peanut butter and jelly" is like asking for "rock candy and frosting."
  • You can get by on SEK 5,- in food budget per week. Everybody wants you to come in and "fika."
  • It's not surprising to see a movie theater or a bicycle repair shop closed for a month in the middle of the summer.
  • You go to a health food store to buy maple syrup.
  • If you order a pizza with olives you get a whole unpitted olive rolling around on top of your pizza.
  • A clothes dryer is a luxury (but a drying room isn't).
  • The spin cycle is handled by a different machine than the wash and rinse cycles.
  • If you think a Swede is suffocating she may just be saying yes.
  • You can serve ice cream with a knife.
  • Mayonnaise comes in toothpaste tubes.
  • If it weren't for the engine running you might be able to hear a pin drop on a bus with 75 people on it.
  • When a Swede talks about "the system", he's not talking about beating the establishment; he's talking about buying liquor.
  • A person who speaks only one language is rarer in Sweden than a polyglot is in the USA.
  • Vissa är korrekta, men andra har jag inte hört talats om......
    vad tycker ni??


    10 great warning signs~

    A fine AND instant death.....chose one will you!

    Warning sign for cows!!!

    The buffalo waits until you lose a wheel....and THEN strike

    This sign is more effective now than what it ever was when it was standing.

    Keep away from drowning machine?? No waaay, makes sense to me -.-

    Hit 5 in a row and the points double!

    The guy looks like hes having fun to me ^^

    Thanks for the warning ;)


    Kick Ass!~

    Lets learn some Kick Ass Chinese!!

    Im soooo using this on Miss.Genie Later, hahahahaha xD


    Jag skulle till Shopping Centret för att köpa en top från New Look, istället blev det 100! hehe
    New Look har 50-75% rea denna veckan....så varför inte handle lite??

    Problemet var den att, ermm....det som jag köpe VAR INTE PÅ REA!
    oooooooops xD

    Men ah ja, här är vad jag köpte:

    Mörk Grön och svart tank top

    Yupp, 'BRIGHT YELLOW' top :D och blå 'cardigan'...hur säger man det på svenska??

    Allt tillsammans blev 880 SKR.....
    .....skit rea!!!

    Best Pics of the Week~

    now, THAT'S a double take!

    "I wish my wife was this dirty" it says xD

    Fastest bird on Earth!!!!

    I wonder what the child's parents thought when they saw this, hehe

    I like the idea

    Did you check your hand maybe?

    Hands free!!! Buy it now guys!


    Cinderella's Sister~

    Cinderella's Sister
    Cinderella's Sister Poster

    Eun-Ju (Moon Geun-Young), who lost her father many years ago, finally gets a new family when her mother remarries. Although things seem to have turn better for the cynical Eun-Ju, she immediately faces problems when she meets her new step-sister Hyo-Seon (Seo Woo). Hyo-Seon with her bright character is the apple in her father's eyes and the clear favorite in the house. Furthermore, Eun-Ju's mother also seems to have fallen for the charismatic personality of Hyo-Seon. Making matters worse for Eun-Ju, Hyo-Seon seems to like Eun-Ju's prince Ki-Hoon (Cheon Jeong-Myeong). Eun-Ju decides then and there to take matters in her own hands and exact revenge on her Cinderella like stepsister... (MySoju.com)

    Det liknar Askungen lite grann tycker jag, men mina vänner säger att den är helt like Askungen....inte säker skälv.

    Den är en riktig Drama. Altså, Drama med tårar kan man säga.
    Väldigt sorglig.
    Den är 20 episoder lång, han bara titta till episod 13.

    Click Här om ni vill titta.

    Argentina Vs. Germany~

    Jag slår vad om att detta blir en DEAD HOT GAME!!!

    Skälv tror jag att Tyskland ska vinna ikväll mot Argentina.

    Och jag tror att antingen Holland eller Tyskland vinner i år!


    Is it the clothes or the Beauty~

    Moon Geun Young was featured in the magazine 'InStyle Korea', and she looked absolutely stunning!
    Look below:

    She just recently starred as the main character Cinderella's Sister, click here to watch.
    Ill make a post on the blog about this drama today for you guys to see.

    The last picture is absolutely stunning, she's so beautiful, right?


    1059 messages?!~

    Havent been on my DeviantArt account in a loooooooong time, so now when i logged in, i saw i had 1059 messaged, ufffff!!!

    Cleaned it up now though.

    Here is a taste of my art :D

    Like it??

    Boys Before Flowers~

    One of the best East Asian dramas of all time is Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers).

    The synponosis sounds stupid when you read it, but when you watch it you just fall in love.

    Its about a girl, Makino, who comes from a poor family in Japan, but her parents wants the family to gain some status and therefore put her in the most elite school in all of Japan.
    In this school, there are only students from dead rich families.
    The richest of them all is Domyouji, who is the leader of a 4 member boys group who call themselves F4.
    They are the richest boys in the school.
    For fun, they bully other students, as in hitting them and abusing them in their own way.
    When Makino's friend comes into trouble with them, she tries to save her, but instead comes into centre of attention herself and from that point on lives a life of a victim.
    Can she stand up to the F4?

    Now, this sypnosis is only valid for a couple of episodes....no,....thats a lie, maybe the whole 1st season.
    In the 2nd season we see more romance, and get more annoyed by the characters, because as in every drama: THEY ARE SOOO STUBBORN!!!!

    The drama consist of 2 seasons and a final 2 hour movie. Ive seen this drama 3 times already, think ill watch it again this summer!!!

    If you want to watch it, you have all the episodes hyperlinked below:
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Final movie

    But for some reason, many people say that the Korean version is much better...:

    I havent had the chance to watch it yet....as its still ongoing, aka. not finished filming yet.
    So ill wait until its finished.

    F4 Bringing in the Ratings

    For those of you that wants to watch it annyways, here you go:
    Season 1

    .....they broke up??~

    Boohooooo  (TT_TT)

    The boy band you may know as TVXQ/Tohoshinki or DBSK have broken up.....
    i just remembered....
    this actually happened round 2-3 months ago, but i just say that Jenpoo have added their newest album, which is a box set of all the songs they have ever made.....

    what music shall i listen to noow??!?!
    I guess i still have Big Bang and the others....but this group was...special :'(

    tvxq Pictures, Images and Photos
    From Right to left: Micky, Yoochun, Hero (Jaejoong), Changmin and U-know

    Gosh, there has also been homo rumors such as 'Jaejoong and U-know' dating...to be honest i just think its fan-fantasy.

    Jaejoong just recently filmed in a drama 'Sunao ni Narenakute', which is a drama about 5 friends who meet through Twitter, and share their life problems with each other and slowly get complications with each other aswell.
    Not my type of drama, but it looked ok, i only watched till episode 2, hehe ^^

    If you want to download their album with alllllll their songs in it, click here.

    They are a Korean boy band, but in the past year or two they have been in Japan and produced Japanese songs.

    My favorite is Hero....
    dont know why.

    He had an interesting childhood.
    He was adopted at young age into a family, a family with one mum, one dad and 6 or 7 sisters...no guys.
    That way, he learnt how to understand girls, how to cook, how to clean....basically do most things a guy wouldnt know how to do, because of that, people call him gay...
    but hes actually not gay...
    yeah, annyways.

    Which one is your favorite?

    Here are some of their music videos:
    This is their 'newest' song

    song: Last Angel, feat. Koda Kumi (she always has amazing nails :D )

    and another song, Wrong Number

    R.I.P. Tohoshinki :'(

    Ohayo Gozaimasuuuuu~

    Goooooood Morgon Svergie!!

    Det är en vacker Lördag, där temeraturen e så hög att jag kommer smälta, och där solen skiner så starkt att du får hud cancer sekunden du går i solen!
    Detta betyder: DAGS AT GÅ OCH SIMMMAAA!!!

    Om inte det, så är det dags att gå till gymmet, måste få bort alla kalorier KFC gav mig igår kväll!
    och jag måste gå shopping...igen....
    ska ringa tjejerna idag, b.la. Genie, och fråga att vi går till shopping centret tilsammans =D

    Vad tänker ni göra idag?

    K to the F and to the C!~

    Had nothing to eat today...so what do you do?

    Pick up the phone and call delivery!

    I called...dam dam daaaaaaaaaam: KFC BABY!!!!!

    Bought the party meal, with 21 pieces of chicken, 18 bread buns, 2 salad and 2 mash n gravy :)

    Yummmmm and unhealthy......
    tomorrow is my exercise day to burn these calories away!!
    Time to go swimming!!!

    Black and Orange is good for the heart~

    Did my nails again :)

    Twilight Fever~

    Gick och såg Eclipse igår kväll!!!

    Jag vet inte...ärligt talat.....
    som altid tycker jag ju att boken e 100 gånger bättre än filmen....men om ni frågar mig vilken av alla 3 filmer var bäst....skulle jag nog säga......
    Jag tror 3:an....men det fortfarande fattas någonting!!!!!!

    Jag tror det är Edward.
    När jag läste boken hade fick jag mera kärlek utav den än vad jag ser i filmen.
    jag kan inte förklara....men det ligger hos Edward, hans charaktär är inte presenterat tilräckligt väl i filmen....

    Jag hade för mycket förväntningar för Eclipse, jag tror det är därför jag blev lite besviken....

    MEN!!! 1 sak som inte besvek mig var Jacob!~♪
    Hans humor var strålande i filmen, hehehe >:D

    "Face it, im hotter than you", hahahahaha

    Jag och Genie skrek sekunden han kom på skärmen, skämtar inte!
    och hans kropp....mhmmm, ok slut med det, med andra ord, definitivt se filmen!!!!

    Freez (strawberry) och Popcorn (caramel mixad med saltade)

    mummmms :D


    While shopping in claire's, gosh i have to stop writing bout claire's already!!!!, i saw the weirdest thing EVER!!!

    Green, Yellow and Blue LIPSTICKS!!!
    Does anyone wear this??
    I know some people wear black lipstick.....but yellow/blue/green??

    Never heard of it =O

    Gonna show what i bought yesterday:

    Green nail polish :)


    Penguin nail file!!!

    über cute i think ^^

    Piss: Sorry for bad photos!!!


    'Yoohoo and Friends' is a Korean Kids program, about 5 animals (as you can see above..where ones head is cut off) who are all endagered animals who help save other animals which are also endangered around the world and how to help the Earth become a better place....
    ...as in cleaning rubbish and recycling and i dont know other things...

    I dont watch the program, i just buy their products =D


    People in my age would say im too old for these things, but i dont think anyone is ever too old for cute stuffed animals!

    While i was shopping in Claire's yesterday, i found YooHoo and Friends stuffies!!!

    This is Miss.Genie, its not me.
    Proof that this is not me?
    If you look at my nail pictures, you can see that my skin colour is lighter than Genie's.

    My hand xD

    Cute right??

    But they are very expensive, round 150 SKR for each piece.

    Godis...eller Suddigum??~

    Gick och handlade i Claire's igår....och såg detta:



    Skol saker???

    Om jag var fortfarande 10 eller 11 år gammal skulle jag köpt detta xD
    Kommer ihåg när alla tjejer samlade på sudd, och bytte med varandra.....jag hade 4 boxar full med sudd....med gav bort allt när det inte var populärt längre, hehe.

    Inte nog med det, nu ser det ut som om dom har börjat sälja mat örhängen också:

    hmmm....vad tycks??


    skulle försöka göra en hund igår i lektionen....ser detta ut som en hund till dig?!

    Och sen skulle man göra en rommersk hjälm.....åtminstånde kan man se vad detta är!:

    hehehe xD

    SNSD- Im your genie~

    Aka. Girls Generation, as some may know them as, is a K-pop girl group of 9 talented girls:
    SNSD new

    The girls are: Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (leader), Jessica, and Sunny

    After filming their commercial for Samsung's new phone Chocolate, they sold their costumes for around 100 000USD where the money went for charity.
    I guess calabrities find their own tricky ways of helping the world.

    Also here is a taste of their Gee Gee Gee video ;)
    VERY cute indeed, and as usual the reaction from the boys --->"HOT LEGS"
    yeah yeah:

    SNSD - Gee

    What do you think???

    The cutest things ever!

    hey hey!

    Look what i found!!


    Full Metal Alchemist~

    Superb manga!

    。Håller på att läsa den, men jag 'higly recommend it' för er som gillar action, fanatasy, magic, adventure, och fights....och brotherhood ^^

    。Är också för kvinnliga läsare.

    。För er som inte gillar att läsa har ni altid animé'n att se på ;)



    OBS: Både mangan och animé är på engelska.

    Male Eyeliner!?~

    。Seriously, whenever i watch the guys in K-pop mv's, the only thing im thinking is....

    。Well, i just found a site where the blogger shows why, and after have seen it, i wont ask that question anymore, but encourage the guy sto wear eyeliner:

    G-Dragon and Yoo Seung Ho ------>"From boy to Man"

    T.O.P. and Lee Min Ho ------>"More Sexy"

    WheeSung and Kim Jeong Hoon  ------>“Stunning Transformation”

    Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jun Ki ------>“Stylish”



    。Personally, my fav out of these eyeliner guys is Jang Geun Suk (7th guy from up to bottom)

    You dont know me♪~

    Första gången jag lyssnade på denna sången tänkte jag.....detta e ju....kass....

    Men sen lyssnade jag på den igen och igen, och gillar den faktiskt nu ^^

    Hon som sjunger först, med kort svart hår, e snygg tycker jag ^^


    hahahahahaha, still laughing so bad

    Check the video out xD


    Lee Joon♥~

    Ahhh, even though he has ripped his pants on stage 2 times in history, first time dancing to 'Push Push' by Ststar and 2nd time when doing some movement in a Tv-show at King Star....yeahhh.......annyways, still love him =D

    Also he starred in Kan MiYeon's new mv 'Crazy'.


    A member of the boy band MBLAQ, who is Rain's newest and first creation...amazing dancers aswell :D

    Here is their newest music video: Y

    He's mine!

    Hehe, joking, im not that crazy bout him ^^
    but he is my fav k-pop celeb....one of them....he gets....3rd place ^^

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