Cant stop crying!!~

Såg nyss på en musik video från Big Bang, från 2008, och kan inte slua gråta.
Som om jag tittar på en tv-serie, ushhh, nu rinner maskaran =O
Samma sak händer när jag titta på Taeyang's Wedding Dress.

Just watched a mv by Big Bang, from 2008, and cant stop crying.
The story itself is pretty sad, as if im watching a drama.
Mybrother thinks ive gone crazy, as i cry to most musik videos with a sad ending.

Kanske det är bara jag, en jag tycker den är ganska sorglig :'(

Maybe its just me, but i think its pretty sad :'(

K.K. Love~

Koda Kumi, 28, is a Japanese J-Pop singer.
And very popular in the J-pop world!


And i absolutely love her nails!


Her debut song Taboo:

She's really pretty though, right??

Gaga or Narsha??~

Narsha, from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls, just released her first album!

Below you can see her Mv Bbi-ri-Bop-A:

This Video is so artistic, and absolutely LOVE it!!!
Especially the concept where they flash the screen and she poses differently, and also the mysterious/creepy and eerie feel you get from it, totally amazing.

Many people claim she 'copies' Lady Gaga in this mv, personally i think she pulls of the Gaga look better than Gaga herself, hehe!

Some say the guy in the mv should be changed with someone hotter to make the mv better, other say they should keep this guy because he has the 'ill kill you' kind of look on his face....
what do you think?

NARSHA (EP) by Narsha

I think Her whole album is amazing!
To download, click here.
I can't wait until she does Live performances!

Here is another Mv Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls:

Narsha here is the first vocalist with the short black hair, shes so cute here, ^^

Now im gonna go and do some ♪Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A ♪♪

Fat and Famous!~

You see, i love Super Junior for one reason!
One of their members is acutally FAT, and ive NEVER seen a celebrity from East Asia that is FAT!

And that guy still dares to go up on scene and do his thing, not minding his group mates skinny-ness!

I wish i was that brave :')

you can see him on the far right, here is their new song No Other:


2NE1 must be my favorite girl group of all time, seriously!
Their style, singing and everything about them is amazing i think!

2NE1- Fire

Big Bang and 2NE1 doing a CF for (i think samsung) lollipop phone:

Follow me:

You dont know me♪~

Första gången jag lyssnade på denna sången tänkte jag.....detta e ju....kass....

Men sen lyssnade jag på den igen och igen, och gillar den faktiskt nu ^^

Hon som sjunger först, med kort svart hår, e snygg tycker jag ^^

Artist of the day


Syd Koreansk artist, är också med i kill gurppen Big Bang, och ska snart släppa sin egen album nu i början av Juli!

Ahh, här är en av hans låtar.....jag får altid känslan att jag vill gråta när jag lyssnar på denna sången..:

hehe, vem sa att koreaner inte har muskler??


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