Ripped Pants??~

Ever ripped your pants on stage?
Ever been so humiliated before?

Well, our Lee Joon from boy group MBLAQ def. knows what it feels like!

Trying to copy the girl group Sistar's dance in the song 'Push Push'....he became a little unfortunate.
Here is the original 'Push Push' music video:

The show off 2AM's Jo Kwon dances aswell as a starters:

Aaaaaaand here comes Lee Joons dance:

Pure Humiliation!
I dont know what else to say....Poor Lee Joon!

We Got Married~

In South Korea, they have a Tv-show called 'We Got married', and its where they chose one male and one female celebrity to act as a married couple for (i think..) a month (no sexual scenes, pure innocece in this one!).

Here is their latest Episode, featuring 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria.

cute cute ^^
Ill put up the 1st episode, sorry but its in english subtitle!

Cute, dont you think??
Id want to be in this show too =D

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