Things that are different in Sweden~

  • Be careful. The next door in the uppgång (walk-up) is the backdoor of the last guy who is still not interested.
  • Beer in pop machines.
  • If you guzzle a glass of water on hot day, you are being rude and demanding more NOW!
  • They have an island called "Island land" (Öland).
  • Dog Toilets.
  • Fireworks at christmas, easter and just about every occasion (at least when there's darkness).
  • Traffic lights click or beep so blind pedestrians can tell whether the light is red or green.
  • You can take off the showerhead and rinse the conditioner in 30 seconds instead of five minutes. Also you can wash your hair without washing your body if you're in a hurry.
  • If you're not careful, you will still be knocking on doors in summer at 11:00 pm...and the sun is still out.
  • You turn on bike headlights in the winter at 3:00 pm.
  • Old Swedes go on walks with cats and rodents and use a leash to drag the helpless animal behind.
  • A can of Coke costs USD 2.00 (SEK 15) at a cafe.
  • Everybody has super deluxe baby carriages with heavy duty wheels.
  • No matter how little snow there is, everyone uses studded tires all winter.
  • No salad is complete without grated carrots.
  • Swedish kids learn to cook in elementary school.
  • Girls dress up as witches for Easter and boys dress up as hobos.
  • Kids sell Bingo/Lotto tickets at the grocery store for fund raising projects.
  • What you think is a Ku Klux Klan rally in December is really a Santa Lucia procession.
  • All furniture made of light beechwood or pine.
  • Unedited R-rated movies on regular (non-cable) TV.
  • Windows with Venetian blinds in-between two panes of glass.
  • You can camp, hunt, & pick berries on private property.
  • You attach your phone cord to the wall with something that looks like a 220-V plug.
  • Everybody owns a cellular phone.
  • Red boxes around town you put your used batteries in.
  • Everyone takes the rainiest month off in summer for vacation.
  • Front doors on the back of houses shaped like barns.
  • They claim that wall-to-wall carpeting is why americans get sick, but almost everyone in Sweden has a cold.
  • Americans like fluffy towels, while Swedes like to smash them in a mangler.
  • Pear ice cream.
  • Popular pizza toppings include bananas and curry, or artichoke hearts and roast beef.
  • "Swedish pizza" to missionaries means "thin, flimsy crust made by a middle-eastern person".
  • If you're patriotic, you're probably a racist.
  • Köttfärs is not hamburger as we know it.
  • You can practically step outside your back door and be in a forest, and pick berries that are in season.
  • You've got to squeegee the whole bathroom floor after taking a shower.
  • Cab drivers drive Mercedes Benz.
  • It takes a crew of six Swedes a week to rip up a cobblestone sidewalk, scrape the dirt off the back, and put it back in. (Not counting bad weather, holidays, fikas.)
  • Cops drive Volvos and Saabs.
  • Half naked women answer the door.
  • Swedes don't know what a 'date' is. They always go to dances and parties in a group.
  • The amount of daylight you get at different times of year, light in the summer, dark in the winter.
  • You don't have to lock your bicycle to a lamp post. Just lock the wheel so it doesn't turn, and nobody will take it.
  • You can't buy greeting cards, aspirin, deli sandwiches, develop film, rent videos or bank at the grocery store, but you have to do all that at separate stores.
  • When you order spaghetti, don't forget to ask for sauce and meatballs, or all you'll get is the noodles.
  • Pear-flavored and blood-orange-flavored pop.
  • While Snapple claims to be made from the best stuff on earth, Bob saft is the best stuff on earth.
  • Pregnant women bicycle.
  • More store owners honor the Sabbath day.
  • Plastic grocery bags made to last more than five minutes.
  • You can't tell by looking at what kind of handle a door has whether you should push or pull.
  • "Valentine's Day" decorations at Christmas time
  • Illuminated red buttons to turn the hallway lights on for two minutes.
  • Root beer is not popular. The natives think it tastes like toothpaste.
  • Corn on the cob is not for human consumption.
  • Chocolate soda pop.
  • You can ride a bicycle without getting killed.
  • "Kaviar" (actually smoked cod roe) is a snack food in toothpaste tubes.
  • If an elevator is on the third floor and you are on the first and want to go up, you have to tell the elevator to come down.
  • Elevators with no doors on the cab, just the stationary ones at each floor. You could touch the wall moving past as the elevator moves.
  • Continuously running elevators that you jump on and off of like a ski lift (paternoster?).
  • Licorice can be salty. You'll burn your mouth if you're not careful.
  • Rotten fish in a bulging can is a delicacy (surströmming).
  • Riding a bicycles on a cobblestone street.
  • Shaving not as popular with girls.
  • Rose hip tea (nypon soppa).
  • "Hockey" with curved clubs and a very small ball (bandy).
  • Traffic lights turn yellow on both stop and go.
  • Doorknobs on toilets and toilet handles on doors.
  • Asking for "peanut butter and jelly" is like asking for "rock candy and frosting."
  • You can get by on SEK 5,- in food budget per week. Everybody wants you to come in and "fika."
  • It's not surprising to see a movie theater or a bicycle repair shop closed for a month in the middle of the summer.
  • You go to a health food store to buy maple syrup.
  • If you order a pizza with olives you get a whole unpitted olive rolling around on top of your pizza.
  • A clothes dryer is a luxury (but a drying room isn't).
  • The spin cycle is handled by a different machine than the wash and rinse cycles.
  • If you think a Swede is suffocating she may just be saying yes.
  • You can serve ice cream with a knife.
  • Mayonnaise comes in toothpaste tubes.
  • If it weren't for the engine running you might be able to hear a pin drop on a bus with 75 people on it.
  • When a Swede talks about "the system", he's not talking about beating the establishment; he's talking about buying liquor.
  • A person who speaks only one language is rarer in Sweden than a polyglot is in the USA.
  • Vissa är korrekta, men andra har jag inte hört talats om......
    vad tycker ni??



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